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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that customers often ask us, along with some answers!


Have a question that isn't answered below?

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What does it mean when your hours say you're open until 8:00pm+ on Fridays and Saturdays?

This means that we will take reservations until 8:00pm (& beyond on occasion), and the dining room and kitchen will be open as long as needed for those reservations to have a lovely dinner experience without feeling rushed. Some occasions for reservations after 8:00pm may include to accommodate diners who are either traveling into town on Friday or who would like to dine following football games, especially those 3:30pm games. Our 8:00pm+ hours is meant to offer some flexibility for later diners in those situations.


Window Tables: “Can I have a window table?”

We will note your request on your reservation, but we cannot guarantee window tables except for our earliest seatings between 4 and 4:30pm. Because everyone wants a window table, these fill up first and we can’t hold them empty for a later seating. Every table in our dining room has a view, though!

If you don’t want to join us for our earliest seatings (4-4:30pm, or the first half hour of being open, depending on our current hours), here’s another suggestion to get the most view for your visit! Arrive early and enjoy a drink on our deck (weather permitting, of course)! We don't offer service to the deck, but we welcome you to come in, order drinks from the bar, and take them outside to enjoy at one of our deck tables prior to your reservation.


Outdoor Dining: “Do you have outdoor dining?” or “Can we have a table outside?”

If you're looking for the full-service restaurant experience, we only offer that inside in our dining room. We highly recommend reservations for this option.

Our outdoor option for Overlook Grill customers is a casual, self-serve experience. When the weather permits, we have our deck tables available for our customers who would like to enjoy drinks or a take-out meals there. If you'd like to dine outside, you order your meals and drinks inside the lobby at the front desk, and we'll run your order out to you at the deck table you've chosen. You can order anything off the menu, but everything will be packaged to go, and we provide you with disposable cutlery. You will not have a server, so if you need anything additional, you just need to come back into the lobby for assistance. We do not take reservations for this option.


Reservations: “Do you recommend reservations?” or “Are reservations required?”

Reservations are always recommended and often required, depending on the day and time you would like to dine. We do not hold tables empty for walk-in groups, and we do fill up with reservations on some evenings, so we cannot guarantee tables for those without a reservation. Additionally, with restaurants across the country continuing to experience unprecedented staffing challenges, we have limited staff to serve our customers. Therefore, we always recommend you make a reservation so we can better control our customer flow and provide you with the best service possible.


Current Hours/Limited Hours: “Do you plan to open for lunch again?” or “Do you plan to open for more days at any point?”

Restaurants across the country are experiencing unprecedented hiring challenges and have been for months. We are constantly working to find and hire great staff members to add to our kitchen and service teams, but very few applications are coming in these days. We would love to expand our hours, but until we can bring on more team members, we must keep consolidated hours to accommodate our smaller staff (and not burn out the wonderful staff we DO have!). (Know anyone looking for a job? Send them our way! We have hiring information, including how to apply, posted on our website!)


Kitchen Tipping: “Can I tip your kitchen staff?”

A current restaurant industry trend has caught our attention that we are now offering our guests:  tipping kitchen staff. While customers are most familiar with the dining room staff who graciously serve them their meals and assist with any needs, every restaurant has a kitchen crew (usually hidden) backing up that service staff and working just as hard to create a wonderful dining experience for the guests.

These are the heroes who chop and prep long before service begins, work over hot grills and sauté pans for hours during service, and scrub pans and clean service ware after the night is over. No restaurant could do it without them!

Never required or expected, but always appreciated, we are working on ways that you can tip these behind-the-scenes warriors to show your appreciation.

Currently, you’ll find a kitchen tip jar by the host podium in the dining room. If you enjoyed a delicious meal and feel the urge to show a little extra love, stop by the jar and drop in however much you feel like giving. There is certainly no obligation, but if you choose to tip, our hard-working kitchen staff will certainly appreciate it!


Water Supply on the Mountain – “Why does your water have a chlorinated taste?”

We have well water up here on the mountain, so we have an in-house water treatment system that chlorinates the water. The water is tested very frequently (daily by us, monthly by a water quality laboratory, and annually by the Dept. of Health) to ensure the chlorine levels are always within the proper and safe range for drinking.


Miscellaneous: “Why is X not like it used to be?” or “Why is my food taking longer than I think it should?”

Restaurants across the country are experiencing unprecedented hiring challenges and have been for months. We are constantly working to find and hire great staff members to add to our kitchen and service teams, but very few applications are coming in these days. Aside from being more lightly staffed than we would like at this time, in an abundantly cautious approach, we do not allow team members who feel ill to work, sometimes further reducing our staff unexpectedly.

If you notice something is not how it has been, or something doesn’t seem right to you, please do not hesitate to speak to us about it. We have had to adjust our practices, and with less staff and a very cautious approach to illness, we have less ability to cope with unexpected challenges that may occur during service. Please know that we want things to be right for you, and we hope that things will return to normal in the coming months.

We thank you for your special understanding and ask you to please bear with us during these challenging times.

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