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2022 PSU Spring Commencement Weekend Information & Reservation Policies

Below you will find our reservation policies & other information for the following dates: April 29-30, & May 6-8, 2022. If you are interested in a reservation for one of these dates,   please call or email us!

814.364.9363  |

Printer Ready Policies

View SAMPLE Menu (from 2021)


FRI 4/29 & SAT 4/30

FRI 5/6, SAT 5/7 & SUN 5/8


Because of the very high demand for reservations during Penn State’s Commencement Weekends, we have some special reservation policies in place to manage the elevated levels of business and ensure the best service for you. Below are the policies and menu details that are in process for the weekends of PSU’s Class of 2020 Make-up Commencement and Class of 2022 Commencement. We want to ensure that we will suit your dining needs and/or preferences; therefore, please read and understand the details below. Please make sure that ALL members of your party are aware of these terms. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (814) 364-9363.


Receipt of your valid credit card number* will act as confirmation for your reservation and that you have read, understand, and accept our offerings and policies for the dates mentioned above.


*Credit card numbers are required to confirm ALL reservations on both Saturdays 4/30 & 5/7. Credit card numbers are required to confirm parties of 5 or more people on both Fridays 4/29 & 5/6, and Sunday 5/8.




Given the continuing concerns and changing circumstances due to COVID 19 and its variants, we have some important disclaimers regarding our services for the aforementioned dates:

  • Please understand that, in these challenging and uncertain times, some details may change or are yet to be determined regarding our offerings for this weekend. What follows is our best approximation of our offerings for these dates given the information we have received from Penn State, the current COVID-related situation, and barring any issues in supply chain, staffing, or other factors that affect our operations.

  • Please understand that the restaurant industry may again become subject to government-issued mandates state, and we (and our patrons) would be required to adhere to these mandates.

  • We will keep you informed if any changes are necessary.




Weekend of April 29 & 30:

Friday, 4/29        3pm-9pm

Saturday, 4/30   3pm-9pm

Sunday, 5/1        closed


Weekend of May 6, 7 & 8:

Friday, 5/6           3pm-9pm

Saturday, 5/7     3pm-9pm

Sunday, 5/8        11:30am-8pm


  • The menu that was offered for Spring Commencement Weekend 2021 is available to view. THIS IS NOT THE MENU THAT WILL BE SERVED DURING 2022 SPRING COMMENCEMENT WEEKENDS. The 2021 menu is meant to serve only as a SAMPLE of how the 2022 menu will be structured and the type of variety that we plan to offer. Specific menu items and pricing will be decided based on product availability and cost, and changes in seasonal items.

  • The Celebration Menu that we will offer during Penn State’s 2022 Commencement Weekend will not be finalized until APRIL. We will make this menu available to you as soon as it is completed and in time for you to cancel your reservation without penalty, if needed.

  • The 2022 menu will include multiple options for Starters (soup, salad and other appetizers), Entrées and Desserts. Entrée selections include a variety of Chef Harrison’s culinary creations, including options for the more adventurous diners as well as classic dishes for those with plainer tastes. We plan for Entrées to include options for beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian options, with entrées in the price range of ~ $20-$40.

  • The above-mentioned Celebration Menu will be the only menu available on the dates mentioned above. If you have visited our website and looked at The Overlook Grill’s Dinner Menu posted there, please be aware that this is not the menu that will be available on the dates mentioned above.

  • Some of the items on the menu will accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free diets. We may not be able to accommodate special dietary restrictions or requests aside from what is already represented on the menu.


  1. No outside food or beverage is allowed in the dining room—including but not limited to bottles of wine, cakes or cupcakes—on this day.

  2. We will do our best to seat your entire group at one table; however, we cannot guarantee this in all cases given our table sizes. If not seated at the same table, your group will be seated at multiple tables adjacent to each other.

  3. 18% gratuity will be added to groups of 7 or more. Your server will inform you of this when the bill is presented.

  4. Please make sure everyone is on time for the reservation. If you are running late, we can only guarantee we will be able to hold your table for 15 minutes past your reservation time. Please also keep in mind that this can be a very busy weekend, and we will likely be accommodating other reservations at your table both before and after your own reservation.

  5. Currently, there are no masking or other COVID-related mandates in place. HOWEVER, if any government-issued mandates are reinstated and in place at the time of your reservation, all members of your party must abide by them. We will keep you informed of any changes. IMPORTANT: These rules are non-negotiable, and we reserve the right to refuse entry and/or service to anyone who does not comply with current mandates.


A valid credit card will be required to confirm your reservation in the following cases:

  • Saturdays 4/30 and 5/7: ALL reservations, regardless of group size

  • Fridays 4/29 & 5/6, and Sunday 5/8: Any reservation of 5 or more people


We take this credit card number only to hold your spot for these very busy days and in case of no shows and late cancellations that we cannot fill. Your card will only be charged if you do not show up for your reservation or in case of a late cancellation we cannot fill (see below for Cancellation & “No Show” Policies).


Please make any changes to your reservation no later than 72 hours prior to your reservation. This includes cancellations and any changes to the number of people in your party. We cannot guarantee we will have space for increases in number or changes in time.

Late Cancellations:

If the number of people in your reservation drops, or if you cancel your reservation within 72 hours of your reservation date and time, we reserve the right to charge a late-cancellation fee to your credit card on file.

  • The late cancellation fee is $20/person in your party.

  • We will not charge this late cancellation fee, however, if we can fill this spot with another reservation, and we will make every effort to do so.


“No Shows”—Complete or Partial:

  • Complete “No Show”: If no one in your party shows up for the reservation (a Complete “No Show”), we reserve the right to charge a “Complete No Show” fee of $20/person to your credit card on file.

  • Partial “No Show”: If fewer people show up for your reservation than the final number that was provided 72 hours prior to your reservation, we reserve the right to charge a “Partial No Show” fee of $20/person to your credit card on file.


The Overlook Grill is located at the Mt. Nittany Overlook Building in Centre Hall, PA.

Use this address for GPS directions:

559 N Pennsylvania Avenue*

Centre Hall, PA, 16828


* N Pennsylvania Ave is the same as PA Route 144


The Overlook Grill has its own parking lot,

but carpooling is highly recommended.


The Overlook Grill is located roughly 12 scenic miles from the Bryce Jordan Center on Penn State’s campus. Travel time with normal traffic conditions is about 20 minutes. Please allow extra time for travel due to congested traffic conditions and for enjoying the beautiful countryside!

If you are traveling from out of town on the day of your reservation, please keep in mind that traffic into the area will be much heavier than usual, and your travel time will likely be much longer than on other days of the year.

We look forward to having you dine with us!

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